Tips, Tricks and Tales...

As I mentioned, the Dream did become a reality!  In fact, we are already planning our next journey 😉 So, what did we learn?   First and most importantly, we found that we can live in a small space and not grow frustrated (at least too often) with each other.  We absolutely loved traveling and staying in the van!  We did need to learn a "new routine" and where to store items to make them easily accessible at the right times.   We found that the plastic bins that store hanging file folders were the perfect size for storage under the bed.   Three in the front and three in the back.   So, what goes where?   We initially put our towels and toiletries in the back with the thought that we would just get things out in the morning for showers.   Then we realized we didn’t have our toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.   When staying at the campgrounds, we didn’t want to disturb people to get out those items.   Readjust.   We do have a portable toilet in the van so that m

DAY 28...Last day...

We left New Richmond, Wisconsin at 8:15 this morning and headed for Chetek, Wisconsin.  We visited with Rick’s Aunt Grace and her friend Bob.  We haven’t seem them for about 2 years.  We had a nice visit and then headed to Ironwood to do our grocery shopping, Antonio’s for our favorite pizza  and got 4:30 this afternoon.  Then a Friends of the Porkies meeting at 5:30...Back to reality😊 When I began this blog, I called it; “Will the dream become a reality?”.  The answer to this question is a resounding - YES!  Even through our many “adventures” we enjoyed it all! There will be one more post coming with our Tips, Tricks and the numbers for all of you number miles, mpg, etc.  Look for that tomorrow!

DAY 27...Heading toward home

We left Bob’s in Kansas at about 8:30 this morning.  We were sad to leave.  It has been far too long since we have been able to spend quality time with family.  And we are very grateful for Bob, and Rhonda and Larry opening their homes to us!  We ate far too much good food and the time went by far too quickly. We planned our route so that we would be able to stop and see our daughter Julie and her family in Minnesota on the way home.  The kids are growing so fast!  We met at Wyatt’s Twisted Americana  .  We were able to have our dinner under the umbrella out on the patio.  Their menu is very eclectic!  We all had something different the the food was good.  Their sign says: 50 Burgers 50 Beers.  We had a short but nice visit! We drove through Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and into Wisconsin! (On a side note, Minnesota thanked us for visiting, but we were never “welcomed” to Wisconsin...Hmm) Then on to New Richmond, WI to spend the night in a hotel...No RV Parks seem to be open here ye

DAYS 24, 25 & 26

We had a nice weekend visiting with Bob and just relaxing.  And we also got to eat at my favorite Chinese Restaurant in the area! Today, we are getting organized and repacking to begin the journey home tomorrow.  We will be able to meet Julie and her family for dinner on the way! I did get my evening walk in but really missing Rhonda, my walking partner!   We are ready to be home, just not sure we are ready to go back to work;)

DAY 23...Another Adventure!

We spent the night at the Sundance-High Plain RV Park in Lamar, Colorado.  Nice guys that recently purchased the property and are busy doing renovations.  We hit the road a few minutes after 8:00 am. Headed back to Kansas to see Bob one more time before we begin the trek back home. We followed the 8 Wonders of Kansas  map, first stop Windsor Hotel in Garden City,  and then we visited the Boot Hill Museum and Town  in Dodge City.  How fun!  We stopped at the Saloon and had a cold Sarsaparilla!  We found several other places we would have liked to visit including the Kansas Teachers and Gunfighters’ Wax Museum, the Salt Museum and Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, and the Grand Central Inn in Cottowood Falls.  But we will have to save those for another trip! Then the big “adventure” for the day.  We stopped - finally! I was getting rather “hangry” - in Florence, Kansas for fuel. Nothing there but the gas station.  I got in back to make our lunch, Rick filled up the tank and

DAY 22...On the Road again!

We awoke to deep, cold blue skies and weren’t sure if we should try to make it over the Wolf Creek Pass and La Veta Pass or hold off one more day.  We looked at the road conditions, road cams and the weather reports and decided we would just go as far as we could and see what happened...  It was hard to leave one of our favorite spots of the trip so far. We had dry roads as we began our travels and when we arrived at Wolf Creek Pass, the sign said “poor conditions” but there were also plows out, it was sunny and in the 40’s.  So, we kept on going.  We made it safely through the first pass and decided to stop for a break and lunch in Alamosa.  Then back on the road and hoping to make it over the next pass.  God was definitely watching over our journey.  The roads were all clear!  We arrived in Lamar, Colorado about 5:00 pm. We found a little RV Park, had some dinner and are calling it a night.  Early tomorrow we will begin our trek through Kansas and arrive back at Rick’s brother, B

DAY 21... Re-Routing...

Brief update from yesterday’ blog.  We met a former Grand Canyon Ranger and were told that the Grand Canyon National Park is short-staffed!  They only have 3, yes THREE, maintenance staff or the whole southern rim area...hence the disgusting restrooms.  This opinion may not be favorable, but I’m going to put it out there anyway.  I personally would have preferred the $25 Million congress spent investigating Russian Collusion to be spent on maintaining our Park systems!  Tourism is one industry that cannot be “farmed out”.  A recent count showed the Smokies have approximately 8 million visitors per year, Grand Canyon 6.5 million and Zion has 4 million.  Shouldn’t we be spending money to keep these Parks and all our Parks places people want to return to?  Ok, my rant is over, on to our travels for today. We have had to re-route our trip due to the storm that has been blowing through the country.  We are so grateful we took the time to visit Mesa Verde yesterday, today the roads had to